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1Does your kitchen lack personality and a sense of direction? We can help!

Here at Pold Creations, we pride ourselves in high-quality craftsmanship. Since a kitchen is the heart and soul of a home, it should not only be treated with care—it should also be built with care. This is where we can help.

Forget about big companies that care more about money than about their customers. Our company is run by one man with a passion for building beautiful, practical Calgary kitchens. Sharing his knowledge (and of course his years of experience) with customers is his passion.

Will you be among them?

If you already have an idea what direction you would like your new kitchen to take, we will work closely with you ensure that the final results meet your expectations. If, on the other hand, you remain unsure of what you would like your new kitchen to be, we will be more than happy to discuss the possible options with you.

2Why Choose Pold Creations?

Kitchens matter, we all know that. When a kitchen is in need of renovations, the contractors should be chosen carefully. Think about it: Not only are you putting trust and money in the chosen company, you also are welcoming strangers into your home for a period of several days, sometimes weeks, on end.

Here at Pold Creations, we respect and value our customers. Because our team is only comprised of a handful of experienced contractors, working with us guarantees each and every customer an enjoyable, friendly, and down-to-earth experience. We listen to our customers and work with them to create the custom kitchen of their dreams, all the while answering any questions they might have to the best of our abilities.

P.s. Just need custom kitchen cabinets built?  Then give us a call.  We can take care of the entire kitchen project or just build the cabinets.  Whatever your needs, we are here to help.

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